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With over-eighteen-year expertise in the management and development of companies and organizations in a variety of sectors, I am eager to achieve even greater achievements through working with a team that believes only in success.

I have extensive knowledge in marketing and strategic planning, business development and industry of developing professional mental image in the media. Moreover, I have a long track of success and accomplishments.‎

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Management | Growth | Development

You will find in this section, articles added frequently about different areas and experties, from Management and growth, to development and more.

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Special Services

  • Media Services

    We provide strategic plans for both traditional and new media, as well as services related the formulation of mental images, and shaping public opinion plans‎.‎

  • Development

    We provide consulting services related to creating ideas that increase profits and reduce costs; Opening new markets; Developing work patterns; and other areas that promote the client's business in the light of its own mission.‎

  • Consultations

    We provide consultancy services in the fields of marketing, organizational structures, administrative structures, and profitability models‎.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Feasibility studies are divided into three key categories: technical, logistical, and financial.‎ ‎Experience and knowledge play an important role in making practical recommendations and realistically reflect the future of the project in question.‎


Co-founded more than 7 companies in different investment areas

More than eighteen-year experience in management and marketing

Participated in more than 250 management and human development and business‎ projects (in various positions)‎ and wrote more than 4 books (Printed / In Press)

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